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  IG Cavity Trays
  A unique single element cavity tray system

IG Cavity Trays
Unique Products with Outstanding Benefits:
  • Available off-the-shelf in easy-to-handle flat packs
  • Easy to calculate quantities, transport, use and adapt
  • Three sizes cover all roof pitches and cavity widths
  • Impact, tear and abuse resistant thermostable polypropylene 0.8mm thick
  • Compatible with all building materials
  • Resistant to acid, alkali and sulphate
  • Meets all current Building Regulations and NHBC requirements
  • Will last the lifetime of the building
  • The most cost-effective cavity tray system available
  • Available from a national network of stockists
When a stepped or staggered gable abutment is formed the status of the external skin below the roof line changes to that of an internal skin. Accordingly, every gable abutment must be constructed so as to prevent dampness and rainwater from penetrating below the abutment roof line.

The IG Gable Abutment Cavity Tray forms a stepped cavity dpc which is incorporated into the building during bricklaying. The completed structure is ready to receive roof lead flashing in the conventional way.
Manufactured from polypropylene, the IG Gable Abutment Cavity Tray is available in three sizes to suit all roof pitches up to 60°C. It is suitable for use in all brick, block and timber-framed constructions, the large bridging piece catering for cavity widths from 50mm to 100mm.
The single-element system makes the calculation of quantities very simple. Whether you are building with bricks or blocks the rule is the same: you require one cavity tray per course per slope. On a double slope roof this calculation will give you an extra tray that can be used to lengthen the ridge tray if required.
The IG Gable Abutment Cavity Tray is available in three sizes as detailed below. Trays are supplied in shrink-wrapped flat packs in the quantities indicated or as single items.
Outer Leaf Construction Roof Pitch Code Size in mm Packs of:
22.5° - 60°
more than 45°
GA1 375 x 310 50 or 100  
15° - 30°
35° - 45°
GA2 525 x 310 5  
less than 45°
25° - 40°
GA3 675 x 310 5  

Note: All packs contain full installation instructions and folding instructions are printed on each tray.
Flat-packed foldable corners complete the IG Gable Abutment Cavity Tray System. Both internal (GAIC) and external (GAEC) corner trays comprise factory-jointed two-piece assemblies that are folded on site to form right-angled corners. The trays are pre-creased and incorporate adjustment for 50mm, 75mm or 100mm cavity widths and incorporate mastic sealant strips for overlapping areas.
The IG Refurbishment Cavity Trays System has been specifically developed to facilitate both the insertion of a new tray into an existing wall and the repair or alteration of an existing damp proof course.
Where a new lean-to extension meets an existing building, the original external wall becomes an internal partition below the roof line and must be protected from dampness and the penetration of rainwater. Similarly, when a flat roof is resurfaced with added insulation, or is reconstructed as an inverted roof with top paving, the roof level may be raised and thus require the skirting and its corresponding damp proof course to be lifted.

In addition, exisiting cavity trays which have been poorly constructed or have rotted allowing water to leak through must be replaced.
Available off-the-shelf in flat-packs, the IG Refurbishment Tray combines ease of handling, transportation and use with complete effectiveness. It meets all current Building Regulations and NHBC requirements. Manufactured from polypropylene, the IG Refurbishment Tray is 620mm wide by 280mm deep and is suitable for use in all brick, block and timber-framed constructions. The large bridging piece caters for cavity widths from 50mm to 100mm.

Supplied flat, the pre-creased trays allow for easy on-site folding to the required shape including forming left and right hand end stops. A locating lip facilitates accurate placements during installation and the mastic sealant strip (protected by release paper) ensures easy and watertight overlap jointing.
When specifying, the following wording is recommended: "Provide IG Refurbishment Cavity Tray System from IG Limited, Cwmbran, Gwent NP44 1XY (01633 486486) to be installed as manufacturer's instructions. Trays to be folded as instructions on tray, to form left and right hand stop ends".

Refurbishment Cavity Trays
Code Size in mm Packs of:
  RFT 620 x 280 10  

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