Bamtec is the most sophisticated slab reinforcement system available today and has already helped to accelerate programmes and reduce costs on many sites throughout the British Isles and worldwide.

Because the Bamtec system combines finite element analysis, integrated detailing software and robotic manufacturing, it is the only system that can provide finite element curtailed prefabricated reinforcement. This results in material savings of typically bewteen 15 - 25% compared to cut & bent reinforcement.

Bamtec carpets are delivered to site in lengths of up to 15 metres and rollout distances of up to 35 metres. The carpets are delivered pre slung to facilitate fast site off loading and movement and once positioned are simply and easily rolled out, reducing fixing costs by up to 75% compared to conventional loose bar.

The reinforcing bars within each carpet can be of varying diameters (from 8mm to 32 mm), varying lengths and at varying centres to suit the slab design. This allows Bamtec to deal with variable load requirements, non rectangular slabs, slab openings etc. 

Bamtec Enquiries

For enquiries relating to Bamtec on the U.K. mainland, Northern Ireland and in Eire, please contact Chris Pearson, our Bamtec Business Development Manager.

Hy-Ten Reinforcement, Bridle Road, Bootle, Merseyside L30 4UG